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How to Fix Upside Down Videos

Have you ever recorded a video on your smartphone and then played it back on your computer and found that the video is flipped or tilted 90 degrees? I’ve had this experience several times and had to manually fix the video using various third-party software.

In this post, I will introduce two free Windows programs that you can use to fix inverted videos: VLC Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. The difference between them is that in the first case, the change is temporary and is performed in the program on the fly. With Windows Movie Maker, you can permanently save changes to a file.

If you just want to watch a video on your computer, a temporary fix is ??probably the best solution. If you need to upload a video or share it with someone else, use Movie Maker to fix the problem permanently.

In addition, I’ll also share how you can accomplish this task on Mac and through a free online service.

VLC media player

Let’s start with VLC, which is my favorite media player, not only because it can play corrupted video files, but also because almost all video codecs are already built into it. To rotate a video in VLC, first open the video file for it to play.

Now click “Tools” and then “Effects and Filters”.

In the Adjustments And Effects dialog box, click the Video Effects tab, then the Geometry tab.

Here you can adjust the video orientation in two ways. The easiest way to flip a video is to simply select the Convert checkbox and then select Rotate 180 Degrees from the drop-down menu. As mentioned, this will just fix the problem in VLC. If you play the video in another program, it will still be flipped.

Please note that you only need to do this once in VLC. If you close the video and then play it again in VLC, it will remember your settings and apply them to the video, so you don’t have to do it over and over again.

Alternatively, you can check the Rotate button and then tilt the video to any angle you like. A strange option, but it exists!

Windows Movie Maker

Using Windows Movie Maker, it is very easy to rotate videos to the correct orientation. After loading the clip, you should see a preview on the left and a scene on the right.

Click the Home tab and you will see the Rotate Left and Rotate Right options in the far right corner of the ribbon.

To permanently save this fix, you need to save the movie file. Click “File” and then “Save Movie”.

Windows Movie Maker has many options for saving a movie file, depending on which device you will be viewing it on. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to read my post on burning DVD videos with Windows Movie Maker.

If you don’t feel like downloading the program to your computer, you can try a free online video rotation tool. I used…

Click Select Video and then select a video file. Please note that the maximum file size for this service is 250 MB. Moreover, it does not support all types of video files, but only popular formats like MP4 and AVI.

After the video has been downloaded, you will see a preview of it on the right. On the left, you can press buttons to change rotation, ratio, and color bars. When you’re done, click the Rotate Video button.

QuickTime Player

If you are using Mac and want to fix inverted video, you need to use QuickTime Player. Open a video file and click the Edit menu.

You will see options for Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Flip Horizontal, and Flip Vertical. If you don’t export the file, the change will only occur temporarily while the video is playing. If you want to save it using QuickTime, go to File – Close, and when it asks you if you want to save your changes, click the Save button.

This is the easiest way to rotate your video if you have it upside down. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment. Enjoy!

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